Shop Local. Get Rewarded.

Save money by supporting your local community and supercharge your shopping with Lunar. Join now and save up to 10% in downtown Kingston.

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Discover local shops in your community.

Whether you are looking for a place to grab a bite, try something new or pick up your morning coffee, Lunar will help you find the best local shops in your community.

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Earn stars on every purchase.

Whenever you checkout using your credit or debit cards at participating local stores you are rewarded with stars. Earn one star per each dollar spent.

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Redeem for gift cards to any store.

Redeem your stars for gift cards at any participating locations, shipped right to your door or inbox. A $10 gift card can be redeemed for 100 stars ($100 spent).

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Earn automatically.

No need for any loyalty cards. Simply link your credit or debit cards to Lunar and earn stars automatically when you shop at local stores.